Perspects - Skillset: Parts

Material for Skillset: Parts was written, performed, recorded and mixed by Ian Clark at Perspects Soundstudio, Detroit, MI, 2004. Mixed and mastered by Ian and BMG at ITHQ, Ann Arbor, MI, 2004/2005.
The Perspects sound is punchy, analog synthpop with brooding vocals and live percussive elements. Though the early synth influences are apparent, the music is in no way retro or revivalist. Perspects does not align itself with any of the current trends in electronic/dance culture, and takes inspiration from a wide, and often unlikely, range of sources.
Peopleskills finds Perspects with a startling new sound, perfect for his debut and all new full length album. Herein find pieces of Peopleskills reshaped for the 12" format. Will the world catch up to this sonic craftsman? An Eno for our generation.