Ectomorph - Chromed Out

Featuring Sal Principato (Liquid Liquid - 99, DFA) on A Go Go, Claves, Congas, and Triangle
Ectomorph, founded in 1994, have long been leaders of their sound. The mystique of their early singles led to mythic status and a strong underground cult following. Ectomorph functions as an ever expanding and contracting collective, searching for the perfect groove, for the neverending pulse of infinity. This new single is an exploration of new sounds and textures with help of special guest Sal Principato (of the legendary NYC no wave / funk outfit Liquid Liquid - 99, DFA). Finding their way in a series of man-machine hybrids, they have created a new organic form of groove.
On this record, modern software meets crusty analogs and live performance is fused with sequenced music. Each song has developed naturally over time. Through numerous live show improvisations and studio sessions, a working fusion was found, eventually absorbing Sal P on A Go Go, Claves, Congas, and Triangle. This release is the first step in a developing process, more documents will be showcased on the forthcoming album "Sleazy Listening."
Dark and psychedelic, "XXX" is an audible example of the ever-modulating membership of the Ectomorph collective. Hours of sonic debris were generated from a late night jam session between BMG, a couple of Dirty Criminals (Traxx and Deecoy) and Carlos Souffront. This skeletal debris became fully alive a few weeks later with the addition of deft synthesis by Erika and even later with some live congas and clave from Sal P. Ever evolving, Ectomorph have returned to destroy your powercenters... Beware...