Jasen Loveland - Acid Series Vol 1

To celebrate 10 years of No Way Back, we are launching the Acid Series, a series of records on Interdimensional Transmissions inspired by the No Way Back parties. The Acid Series includes submissions from Tin Man & Ectomorph, Jasen Loveland, Justin Cudmore, BMG & Derek Plaslaiko, Jordan Zawideh, Dona, and Romans. They all arrive in a unique sleeve especially created for this series, inspired by the decorations of NWB.

The first 2 volumes of the Acid Series will be available in the merch booth during all 313: Return to the Source events, including No Way Back.

Written and Produced by Jasen Loveland
Mixed by BMG

Jasen Loveland is a doctor of medicine, with interests in house music and computer dating. This is his recorded debut. Recorded in LA and mixed in Detroit at the IT studios.