Love Letters - Falling Star EP

Swirling acid madness from the ever brilliant mind of Ridgewood, Queens’ Maxime Robillard, Love Letters’ “Falling Star EP” — the latest record on Interdimensional Transmissions — crawls inside your brain and takes many shapes as it brings you to ecstatic experiences on the dance floor. The vinyl is presented with 4 new songs, the A side containing the brain melter “Falling Star” that just builds and builds until reaching a rapturous release, and the frenetic “Tore”. The B side contains remixes of 2 originals — the first by No Way Back resident Mike Servito exploring his Detroit electro bass roots (and the first record in the IT catalog) for “Let the Bass Go”, and the second remix is of the jam “Morse” by IT founder BMG in his new studio, the first creation in the new room, moving towards a more holographic sound. The originals of “Let the Bass Go” and “Morse” are digital exclusives, making the digital version of this EP 6 tracks total.

Mastered at Enisslab in Rome.
Records pressed at Archer Records, Detroit.
Worldwide distribution by Clone. 

Written and Produced by Maxime Robillard
Published by Sounds From Another Dimension (BMI)