The Pawn Shop Years


10pm - midnight
THE PAWN SHOP YEARS (1995-2009) exhibition showcasing 14 years of vinyl released on IT.
music provided by:
Erika (IT/Ectomorph/

midnight - 5am
hot box with music from:
Sal P (Liquid Liquid/99 Records)
BMG (Ectomorph/IT)
Scott Zacharias (Disco Secret)

Detroit By Design
Bankle Building
2944 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201


Art Exhibition: The Pawn Shop Years (1995-2009)
A special retrospective exhibition showcasing the album jackets and vinyl encompasing 14 years of record releases from the legendary Detroit cult label Interdimensional Transmissions. All IT releases have been designed (or co-designed) by Brendan M Gillen, with photos and art contributed by guest artists. Some sleeves were hand screened, in fact Ron Zakrin even hand carved the print for his own “Stiletto” EP as Goudron. Musical artists represented on the over 20 colored vinyl records on display will include Ectomorph, Perspects, Alpha 606, I.B.M, I-f, Goudron and GD Luxxe. Music for the art opening provided by Erika (IT/Ectomorph/ and Ian Clark (Perspects). Special bacchanalian birthday celebration for IT founder BMG, IT artist Perspects and Detroit By Design Director Rich Rice.

Records to be displayed include original releases by:
Ectomorph, Perspects, Alpha 606, I.B.M, I-f, Goudron and GD Luxxe

and IT Compilation Artists:
Le Car, DJ Godfather, Shake, Sluts n Strings & 909, Phoenicia, Flexitone, Krok, Will Web, Uni, Synapse (Jason Szostek & John Selway), Frankie Carbone (John Tejada, Allen Avanessian, and Joe Babylon), Spacelings & Bassheads, 4E (Kahn), Keith Tucker, Mike Paradinas (Mu-Ziq)

and Remixers:
Parallax Corporation, Pulsinger, DMX Krew, Adult., BMG, Hacker, Franz & Shape, Kill Memory Crash

Host: Detroit By Design
A creative community advocacy organization promoting and producing positive programs and events in the greater Detroit area.

Curator: Brendan M. Gillen with Interdimensional Transmissions

Promotional Partner: Detroit Exposure
Co-host of the 2009 S2dio Night season, DE showcases current Detroit underground event images, lends promotional support and captures unique, high-quality images of our S2dio Night events.