The Bunker, Perc Trax, IT | Berlin


Ectomorph, IT | Detroit

Seventh City, Cynet Media | Detroit / Japan

10PM - 6AM
EXIT 69. Come take a detour through your brain off EXIT 69 in a room that appeals due to its decayed decadence. We will fill the cavernous Grand Ballroom at the Leland with 6 stacks of audiophile sound, with enough stacks that you can easily find your own place for speaker fucking. The room is already legendary for bootlegger parties in the 20s and the official home of Industrial culture in Detroit for so many years, Interdimensional Transmissions' production of this event will connect to the hedonistic history of the venue and transform it into a temple of sound, lost in time and space. Legal bar, no enforced closing hours, if the crowd is strong enough then the party will continue past dawn. The bar reopens at 7 either way.
EXIT 69 will celebrate and highlight BMG & Derek's collaborations, from past and future music to events and also DJ theories. The doors open at 10PM and for the first few hours BMG & Derek will tag team playing freeform, no limits to the music you may hear, from AMM or Andwalla's Dream to obscure Drexciya side projects to ZZ Top. Following this, each will do an extended set, with Derek hopefully pushing it past dawn.

Our special guest from Berlin really needs no introduction in Detroit, as this is his home town, and he had much to do with the scene in the 90s and shaping it in the early 2000s before he took off for NYC to ultimately become the resident at the now legendary Bunker. I suppose living in Berlin probably influences your party endurance and access to new records. We look forward to an extended set from the demigod of insane partying, Derek Plaslaiko. His extended sets ranging from 8 to 12 hours all around America are becoming legendary.