Beat the Box

An Interdimensional New Year

Traxx (Nation, Chicago)

BMG (Ectomorph, Interdimensional Transmissions)

Outer Space (Spectrum Spools, Ex-Emeralds | Cleveland) live
    bringing in the new year

Scott Zacharias (Macho City, The Fantasy, Secret Mixes / Fixes)


Visions From Beyond the Code
IT brings in the New Year with the fully transformed Tangent Gallery and a full audiophile sound system with some of its favorite performers and DJ artists Beating the Box all night long.

Melvin Oliphant III is best known to the world as the artist known as Traxx, an alchemical sonic architect that weaves sound beyond boundaries into living moments on the dance floor. Drawing from such disparate influences as Ron Hardy at the Music Box, Chrislo Haas and Beate Bartel rocking the Hacienda, and Jeff Mills inventing techno and destroying space, he finds a common thread beyond the code and sews together raw sounds in a way that always reveal something new. Since the founding of his label Nation, Traxx has found a voice on record that effortlessly matches his legendary sets. His recent work as Mutant Beat Dance with Beau Wanzer on L.I.E.S. and Rush Hour has led to ecclesiastical shouts of "authentic Jakbeat!" inspired by the earliest days of house music, yet always innovating. Endlessly exploring and researching, come hear the scientist's discoveries in a rare extended set.

Outer Space are at their core John Elliot and Andrew Veres. Mastermind behind the exploratory missives of Outer Space, Imaginary Softwoods and MIST; curator of the celebrated Spectrum Spools record label; and member of the now legendary band Emeralds (Pitchfork Best New Album 2010, broke up 2013), John Elliott has been a leading figure in the 21st century synth-revival, and returning experimental music to the heart of electronic music consciousness. With Erika's latest remix record we are proud to present their first direct foray into Techno, though their mix of Erika is still appropriately quite cosmic. This is pure synthesizer music.

Brendan M Gillen founded Interdimensional Transmissions in late 1994 when he heard far too many ancient voices in his head. Positive that dimensions were colliding and that he could literally feel the deepest will of some mystic past, he decided not to ignore these voices but to contemplate their input, and thus Interdimensional Transmissions came to fruition and the idea-based project Ectomorph found a true home. Since then the vision has continually grown organically and mutated into something that is hard to describe yet easy to feel. His sets effortlessly combine a multitude of seemingly disparate genres into a solid sound system sensation - pure transcendent psychedelic wizardry. Genre? There is no genre, that's the point.

Scott Zacharias is musically ambidextrous, the co-founder of both Detroit's Macho City and Disco/Secret with Mike Trombley, and the original resident of Oslo. He started in thrash bands as a teenager then moved on to space rock project Monaural before his interests in Jazz ultimately led him to the traditions of Detroit's deep house DJs, and then beyond into a truly expansive almost psychedelic take on Disco and all its weird friends. He has blossomed into Detroit's best kept secret, a true student of freeform dance music.