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The Bunker, Perc Trax, IT | Berlin


Ectomorph, IT | Detroit
Celebrating the release of IT 33 BMG & Derek Plaslaiko "The True Story of a Detroit Groove" new single on Interdimensional Transmissions, we are throwing a special launch party on Friday the 18th at the Tangent. We've procured a special license to stay open until 4AM, and we'll be transforming the venue with decorations that relate to this record and way too much audiophile sound from the Audio Rescue Team. Derek is back in April only, doing a once in a lifetime family trip, and will not be back in Detroit for Movement.

The record tells the story of a Detroit Groove from the perspective of the speaker, taking you through time from Luomo's to the Hardware Syst3m parties, and the first leaky warehouse roof No Way Back where Dean worked the door, and beyond, with all the disrespectful nature one would naturally expect from a true Detroit Groove.

Our special guest from Berlin really needs no introduction in Detroit, as this is his home town, and he had much to do with the scene in the 90s and shaping it in the early 2000s before he took off for NYC to become the resident at the now legendary The Bunker before ultimately moving to Berlin. I suppose living in Berlin probably influences your party endurance and access to new records. We look forward to a solid set from this demigod of insane partying, Derek Plaslaiko.