I.T. Radio: A Number of Names

BMG and Erika sit down with the legendary group behind techno’s foundational 1981 single “Sharevari” – and find out what’s been up since.

A Number of Names were legends when I was growing up. The song “Sharevari” – it’s hard to think of a better song written by teenagers about being cool. I was asked to do a remix of it in the ‘90s for Puzzlebox, which DJ Hell ended up licensing for an International Deejay Gigolo release. At the same time, I got to interview A Number of Names for the Metro Times. They started showing me songs from the Detroit high school era, and was just so amazed. Having them on the radio show is a chance to hear the story of one of the very first acts in Detroit techno making music inspired by DJs and made for dance parties – in other words, the launch of everything this week is about. I believe we’ll be showcasing some new music, as well as “Sharevari” and their forgotten classic “Skitso” and some highlights from the backyard parties happening when their first record came out.