I.T. Radio: Devil’s Night with BMG and Erika

Celebrate the creepiest time of the year with stories of occult Detroit and hair-raising tunes from the techno-electric house continuum.

Contact with the spiritual world is never far from BMG’s mind. Back in 1994, the story goes, he heard what he describes as “ancient voices” in his head, and the voices told him to start Interdimensional Transmissions. Over two decades later, the Detroit label and party collective still celebrates that moment every year with its annual Samhain party, honoring the ancient pagan “festival of the dead,” a precursor to Halloween, with hair-raising tunes and wayward revelry.

This week’s episode happens to fall on Devil’s Night, the day before Halloween; due to a past association incidents of arson, vandalism and other criminal mischief in the city, it’s since evolved into an informal local holiday where people perform pranks on their neighbors. Join BMG and Erika for a discussion of late-October’s special significance in Detroit and Interdimensional Transmissions history, and hear some of the tunes that inspire them most during this creepy time of year. “That pleasurable horror feeling you get when you watch The Shining,” BMG explains—“We’ll be doing that in our special take on the techno-house-electro continuum.”