Eye Teeth 4

Adam X - psychedelic techno set
Antenes & Erika

Scott Zacharias & Bill Spencer - all night long

This December in Detroit...

A two room IT event at Tangent, sometime around the anniversary of the first No Way Back, celebrating IT’s techno sublabel Eye Teeth with a night of pure sonic power. We are excited to have a rare set from Adam X in Detroit, this time with a focus on the psychedelic side of techno, something he proposed after attending several No Way Backs. One of the highlights this year at Return to the Source was the debut set from Antenes & Erika at the Monday night closing party — a uniquely fresh melding. They have been destroying floors nationwide. This night we will get to experience that with full immersion from the total transformation of space by Amber Gillen, and a raucous full impact audiophile system from AVS. In the weird room they will be keeping the vibes at 115 bpm and below, helmed by the Outer Space room closer Scott Zacharias with Bill Spencer, going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole with each selection.