Tresor 313 (2022)

Return to the Source — Day 1
Tresor 313

Underground Resistance presents Wavejumpers (live)
Claude Young
Daniel Bell (sunrise set)
Ectomorph (DJ set)
Boyz II Them (Russell E.L. Butler & ADAB)
Israel Vines

Tresor travels from Berlin to pick things up where Daniel Bell left them, when the last record of his glistening 2019 sunrise garden set came to an end. Dancers cuddled and made the promise to return and meet again. Same time, same place. The annual reunion at Tangent Gallery around the sound of Tresor. Only then, time got suspended indefinitely. Until now.

Future, future, future. An ever stronger resolve to create a propelling collision, a musical dialogue between different spatio-temporal rhythmic universes. Future is resilience. Music is release. The therapeutic cure to its identical twin, yet its nemesis: an ever-expanding present moment. Imposed, as opposed to chosen.

Underground Resistance present Wavejumpers, debuting a brand new show in the Ballroom, presenting the edition of their next record, UR-097 - Wavejumpers. A deep-sea impulse, calling on the intention of whoever dares to listen, to come together and reunite. Responding to the signal is Batu, whose intricate rhythms have become a hallmark sound for his celebrated Timedance label, as well as Interdimensional Transmissions’ Ectomorph and Israel Vines. Musical signatures meet.

In the Gallery Room, Russell E.L. Butler and Adab come together for a rare Boyz II Them appearance, supporting a slew of legendary Detroit figures, Anthony "Shake" Shakir, Claude Young and Whodat whose respective sounds, researches and approaches, continue to reach us in the present from a moment that’s far beyond us. 

Mirrored into the future, Daniel Bell plays the garden and calls on the sun to rise up for one more day. The promise is kept. Same time, same place.


Return to the Source 2022 is an organic evolution of the original concept, with careful attention to detail put in at every level. We’ve used this time away to improve ourselves and our infrastructure, to mindfully choose what it is we want to do and share with our community. Our weekend at the Tangent includes 4 parties for the price of one weekend wristband, with an outdoor area containing a harm reduction zone, food truck, and a greater outdoor sound system. Once the music starts at No Way Back on Sunday night, it won't end until Tuesday morning — 32 hours of continuous music. A weekend wristband will allow you to experience all this with no interruptions.

Saturday, May 28
Return to the Source — Day 1
Tresor 313 — 10PM - 8AM

Sunday, May 29
Return to the Source — Day 2
No Way Back — 10PM - Noon

Monday, May 30
Return to the Source — Day 3
Lot Mass — Noon - 10PM
The Bunker — 10PM - 6AM