s11e13: Vicki Siolos at No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2021

"No Way Back is a big part of my life — the music, the people, the ethos, the vibe. Being asked to play was the ultimate honor, and I knew I needed to share something focused and personal. There are many great records out in the world, but only a handful of artists who produce nothing *but* great records. Norm Chambers is one of them. There are oceans of texture, color, and depth within each release. The decision to dive deep and showcase only his music across two hours was obvious from the start. I can close my eyes and imagine these tracks blaring across Tangent Gallery and think ‘This is something the world needs to hear.’ Endless gratitude to the Interdimensional Transmissions crew, Norm, and all the amazing people I’m excited to reunite with this May."
— Vicki Siolos

Track list 
Artist - Title - Album

N Chambers - PET - Positron Emission Tomography
Panabrite - Opaque - Xenon District
Panabrite - Anse Boileau - Seychelles
Jürgen Müller - Jenseits des Stromes - Science Of The Sea
N Chambers - Terrace - Air Example
Panabrite - Glass Palace - Soft Terminal
Panabrite - Octopus in Your Dreams - Sub-Aquatic Meditation
Panabrite - Humid Zones - Seychelles
Panabrite - Sea Balm - Wind Rider
Jürgen Müller - Meeresbett Meditation - Science Of The Sea
N Chambers - Humidity - Idea Region
N Chambers - 5 - Eight Informal Lines
Panabrite - Focus - Wind Rider
Panabrite - Departing - The Baroque Atrium
Panabrite - Tentacle - Sub-Aquatic Meditation Vol. 2
N Chambers - La Mer Nocturne - Air Example
Panabrite - Topiary Island - Wasteland Cycle
N Chambers - Unfolding Harbor - Facets
Panabrite - Lullaby of the Abyss - Sub-Aquatic Meditation
Panabrite - Fissures - Sub-Aquatic Meditation
Panabrite - Neptune Visions in the Crystal Rift - Sub-Aquatic Meditation
Panabrite - Lagoon Resonance - Seychelles
Panabrite - Station - Illumination
Norm Chambers - Regent - Pavilion
Jürgen Müller - Meergrün - Science Of The Sea
Panabrite - Golden Drape - Blue Grotto