s12e03: Duck Trash at Tomorrow's Fires

This is Duck Trash’s set from Tomorrow’s Fires, a party celebrating the release of Erika’s “Anevite Void” album on February 25, 2023. Mix theme: After getting abducted by aliens, one must learn how to adapt & grow plants on an unfamiliar planet in outer space.

It’s hard to overstate the transformative power of the American Underground. Things get lost when it’s just a systematic big business, all these special things that make the core essence so powerful and palpable. IT first encountered Duck Trash when BMG played for them in Indianapolis last September with Noncompliant at this exquisite dive bar called State Street Club with the most open minded crowd. It wasn’t what it looked like, it really transcended time and space. “Duck Trash is a queer techno & electro selector who believes in the healing power of the dance floor.” We couldn’t agree more, and we’re so glad they got to do their Detroit debut at Erika’s album release party. They are part of the fabric that makes the midwest so amazing, the true underground freaks.

"Alien Encounter" - Mordio
"Mortming" - Cibo Matto
"Down" - Sunship
"Illusions" - Roza Terenzi
"In a Distant Light" - Stenny
"Army of Me" - Bjork
"Natural Disorder" - Filmmaker
"Earwig" - Pearson Sound
"Manks" - Beau Wanzer
"Untamed" - Lemont
"Broken Telephone" - Wata Igarashi
"T.T.-F.F." - Maurizio
"Identity Crisis" - Toumba
"Wire" - Lurka
"Earth Beat" - Yoshinori Sunahara
"Repeat" - D. Scale
"Acid Lab" - London Modular Alliance
"Hasty Induction" - Asvajit
"Aranha Vermelha" - Lake Haze
"Cannibals" - An-i, Unhuman
"fly to me" - Ramzi
"Freak n Tweak" - Roza Terenzi
"Misbehaving" - Marco Shuttle
"7.0" - Ateq
"Quartz" - Ltd Colours
"Dimension 10" - Marshall Applewhite
"Bodied" - Lurka
"Water Maze" - Stenny
"786" - Asvajit
"Alien Encounter" - Mordio
"Hypetex" - Mordio

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