s12e08: BMG at No Way Back 2023

Sometime after dawn, in my favorite warehouse in Detroit – the Tangent – I got to play my favorite party filled with all my favorite DJs – No Way Back. It felt like the time for the party to take a deep breath and refill its lungs. Playing directly after Patrick Russell and right before Erika, I took the moment to give the party what I felt it needed. First, rays of light, and then expansions and contractions in the sound. 

For the technique, I played on a Model One mixer with a Moog MF Delay pedal and 4 CDJs. Much of the music is upcoming on Interdimensional Transmissions, or things I have recorded in and remastered for DJing, especially to be played on the giant Jim Gibbons rig in this room, a process I call “quick masters” or “QM” for short. Some are very rare, some have never been playable in this context, or lost gems by my heroes, like CH BB. Some are new jams being played for the first time, like “Another Planet” where I jammed with Neel in his studio in Rome this spring on my 608 (modified 606) and 303. My favorite approach to NWB is to compose new music for it and test it there, it is such a special room. 

Recorded at 6am to 7:30am sometime in the wormhole of May 28, 2023 at No Way Back, day 2 of Return to the Source. 

Mastered for podcast by Jim Gibbons of AVS. 

Tina Turner - Buddhist Chant 2 
Tina Turner - Buddhist Chant 1 
Janet Jackson - Interlude: Pledge 
Gemini Sounds - R U Afraid
Heaven & Earth - Prescription Every Night
Quince - Ghost In The Machines
Jump Chico Slamm - Feelfree
Infiniti - Techno Por Favor (BMG Edit)
aNaloG 87 - aNaloG 87 (feat. DJ M-TraXXX)
Neel - Deep Quarantine [forthcoming on IT 53]
New Order - Video 586 (BMG QM)
Jaquarius - Love is Happiness 
Distant Echoes - Parallel Binary
Kerrie - Find Your Tribe
D'Marc Cantu - Some Fantasies Are Good (DVS1 Remix)
Decius - Delicate SF (BMG QM)
Love Letters - Falling Star (BMG QM) [forthcoming on IT 54]
Dopplereffekt - Master Organism
CHBB - Keine Elektronik (BMG QM)
Love Letters - Let the Bass Go (Mike Servito Remix) (BMG QM) [forthcoming on IT 54]
Electric Soul - X2 (BMG QM)
Liquid - Liquid is Liquid
BMG & Neel - Another Planet (BMG QM)
Psyk & Orbe - OSI Model
Luigi Tozzi - Spiral (Rrose Remix)

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