No Way Back: Streaming From Beyond

Begins at Noon, Saturday May 23, 2020 EDT

Bryan Kasenic

Mike Servito
Derek Plaslaiko


Eris Drew

Patrick Russell
Scott Zacharias
 noon, takes us into Outer Space
Christina Chatfield (live) 
Imaginary Softwoods (live)
Farplane aka sold & Hi-Vis 
Grant Aaron

Ending sometime around Midnight, Sunday May 24, 2020, EDT. 

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No Way Back: Streaming From Beyond

A 36+ hour take on No Way Back, with 24 hours of the No Way Back room residents with a special guest who we've long wanted to see at NWB, and 12+ hours of the Outer Space room immediately following, with the ambidextrous Scott Zacharias bridging us from the No Way Back room to the Outer Space room as only he can do. An excess of the mindmelting wormhole dance experience to be followed by 12+ hours of floating in space and beyond. 

For us the toughest moment of the pandemic shut down was the thought that we could not gather on Memorial Day weekend for our annual rite of No Way Back. We need our community now more than ever, to connect and to feel free, in a world of shifting real and unreal realities, sequestered in isolation, how can we get together? Time feels different now, we have more patience for everything, so we are applying that space for exploration to the sets at No Way Back. Every DJ has 3 hours to explore their ideas, and they are in such an order that should reveal more and more as you experience one set into the next, where the combination of DJs and their ideas creates a greater whole. 

The Electrifyin' Mojo would say "if you reach the end of your rope, just tie a knot and keep hanging" and this stream is our knot. We wish we could send parachutes, netting and serious vibe to everyone tuning into the stream. This will be the first ever NWB without a defined space, without the transformational art of Amber Gillen and crew, let's hope we can get together soon. Please stay safe and live to dance another day.

Thanks to our friends at The Bunker NY for sharing this platform with us in this incredibly tough time. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Tangent Gallery and also to Jim Gibbons of AVS who always does such interstellar sound for these events. 

The visuals for this stream have been curated by video artist Andrew Charles Edman. Textures, abstract photos from events and space paintings from Amber Gillen’s private personal collection have been integrated throughout the videos. All processing by ACE within Touch Designer and more, including all the between set interludes that include his own videography from prior No Way Backs, except for Bryan Kasenic’s with visuals by Massive Original, Patrick Russell’s by himself, and Grant Aaron’s by Candace Price. ACE’s approach is deep and subtle, bringing the feelings of No Way Back alive in a normally static medium, and we hope they allow for a deeper connection. 

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Venmo: @ithqdetroit

More surprises to come...