s10e01: Christina Chatfield at No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2020

"This No Way Back stream was the first time I’ve performed a set from my home studio. When I was first planning this set, before the pandemic really hit hard, I had kind of a different idea in mind. I was planning something more sample-driven, less melodic. And although I would’ve deeply preferred to be in Detroit for No Way Back in-person under normal circumstances, the fact that I ended up performing from my studio meant I had all of my synthesizers there to use, including the larger ones that I don’t normally have in my live rig like the Prophet-6. I decided to take advantage of that, and the resulting set took kind of a different turn. This set includes some of the music that’s coming out later this year on my album with Mysteries of the Deep. I hope you enjoy."
— Christina Chatfield

"Christina's set was without a doubt my favorite of the weekend, only because it resonated with me in both a personal way (in a soulful, melancholy, beautiful way) but also technically from the tonality, warmth, and texture of her synths. The unfurling of each track produced a symphony of red melting waves, augmented by the pure Techno feeling that helped move the visuals to the Outer Space room.   The clarity of her sound moved me to choose an alternating grid function, as I could move individual boxes to the mid ranges while having enough space between that it didn't look like a video freak out.  I'll never forget the last 6 minutes, as I was moved to tears and so engulfed in the music that I didn't notice I was making the picture look like my welled up vision.  Not sure what came over me, maybe the fact I couldn't see it in person, or how much I missed the No Way Back family, but I disabled all of the audio reactive parts and finished by moving the faders to each instrument by hand.  What a moment."
— Andrew Charles Edman