Return to the Source (2023)


Saturday May 27
Return to the Source — Day 1
Tresor 313
10pm - 10am

DJ Stingray 313
Erika x Marco Shuttle
Amanda Mussi

Claude Young
Dee Diggs
Kiernan Laveaux
D. Strange
Father Dukes

Daniel Bell (sunrise set)

Sunday May 28
Return to the Source — Day 2
No Way Back
10pm - noon

No Way Back Room
Carlos Souffront
Derek Plaslaiko
Eris Drew
Mike Servito
Patrick Russell

Outer Space Room
Christina Chatfield (live)
Wanjira Makena (sound bath)
Detroit Bureau of Sound (live)
Grant Aaron (live)
Andrew Veres (live)
Bryan Kasenic
Scott Zacharias

Monday May 28
Return to the Source — Day 3
Lot Mass
noon - 10pm

The Carry Nation

Jarrett Tebbets

Monday May 28
Return to the Source — Day 3
Interdimensional Transmissions presents The Bunker 20 Year Anniversary
10pm - 6am

Dance Room
DJ Nobu x Wata Igarashi
Darwin x Hodge
Mike Servito x Derek Plaslaiko x Bryan Kasenic

Going In Room
Marco Shuttle x Patrick Russell
Otodojo x Sophiyah E.

CCL x Sister Zo
Titonton Duvanté x Jadalareign
Octo Octa x Beige


Return to the Source 2023 is an organic evolution of the original concept, with careful attention to detail put in at every level. We’ve used this time to improve ourselves and our infrastructure, to mindfully choose what it is we want to do and share with our community. Our weekend at the Tangent includes 4 parties for the price of one weekend wristband, with an outdoor area containing a harm reduction zone, food truck, and a greater outdoor sound system. Once the music starts at No Way Back on Sunday night, it won't end until Tuesday morning — 32 hours of continuous music. A weekend wristband will allow you to experience all this with no interruptions.


What began in 2007 as a party that extended beyond boundaries has found a home in the Tangent Gallery, blossoming into its own kind of festival. There’s the Tresor 313 party on Saturday Night — now extended to 12 hours — with DJ Stingray 313, Claude Young, Erika x Marco Shuttle and ending with a sunrise set from Daniel Bell, and once No Way Back starts on Sunday, the music will continue for 32 solid hours — with Lot Mass directly following No Way Back outside on Monday at noon and The Bunker party on Monday night ending well after dawn on Tuesday. With all these events, the Tangent will become its own special destination for Memorial Day weekend. We all need a place to call our own, and for this weekend the venue of that vision is The Tangent. This is Return to the Source 2023.

We’re celebrating with a specially priced weekend pass for all Return to the Source events. This wristband allows:

– Admission to Tresor 313, No Way Back, Lot Mass and The Bunker
– Re-entry to these 4 events at any time
– Priority entry & re-entry lane

This pass will allow you to experience the 32 hour party with no interruptions.

The Tresor 313 party has extended to 12 hours, so the Ballroom will go later with a closing set from Function and the Daniel Bell sunrise set in the Garden will go all the way until 10am. No Way Back is continuing at 14 hours, with opening sets from Mozhgan in the NWB Room and a complementary Iyengar Yoga Detroit class led by George Rahme starting at 10:30 in the Outer Space room, props and mats provided, with music provided by Wanjira Makena and her singing bowls. At Noon on Monday the party continues outside for Lot Mass with The Carry Nation and Succubass, as that party ends I.T. presents The Bunker 20 Year Anniversary begins, with a Dance Room celebrating The Bunker residents and fascinating combinations like Darwin x Hodge and the closing set from DJ Nobu x Wata Igarashi and a Going In Room of healing experimental music from equally compelling combinations like Marco Shuttle x Patrick Russell and Otodojo x Sophiyah E. live, and also an outdoor stage called The Garden starting right after Lot Mass with Octo Octa & Beige, CCL & Sister Zo and Titonton Duvanté & Jadalareign.

We can’t wait to share all this incredible music in such an incredible environment with you, with music for the whole weekend carefully curated by BMG, and art mindfully transforming the space by Amber Gillen & crew.

Interdimensional Transmissions expands its output as a record label for 2023, with an album due imminently from Erika, with remixes from some of her inspirations to follow, fresh EPs from guest artists, an ambient album series, and to honor the loss of our great friend Andrew Smith / Jasen Loveland / ∞ we have the final all new Pervocet 2 release (Patrick Russell and Jasen Loveland) for the Acid Series, to be released for No Way Back on special colored vinyl.

New records and new shirts will be available in the merch booth during all Return to the Source nighttime events (the booth closes at 6am during NWB and reopens for The Bunker).

In speaking with Dimitri Hegemann about the power of transformation found in special venues in the nightlife, he claimed that people need this space, and that something magical happens after 3AM, when all the boundaries come down, and that the conversations that begin there, and the feelings and ideas shared there grow and continue outside the club, and that this late night space is an incubator for ideas that can change the world. We couldn’t agree more. 

See you on the other side of the wormhole.

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